Richard Wright and other silvery matters

Several readers of this blog have been in touch to ask about my progress on Richard Wright and the question of silver manufactured in Manchester for export to Morocco. Well, I can report at last that I have sent an article called ‘Silvery singing voices:’ Moroccan Manchester and the Puzzle of Richard Wright which sums up my findings, to the Journal of North African Studies where it will be published in due course. So anyone who’s interested in following up should keep an eye open for that. It covers both the development of the Moroccan community in Manchester, with a good deal of information about the families and individuals, mostly from Fes, who lived there; and the origins of the silver trade. It fairly conclusively identifies Richard Wright, explores the origins of the silver business and the design background to the classic Moroccan teapot; and reflects on the mythology that has grown up around a man who is a household name in Morocco and completely unknown in England. I hope that readers in Morocco will add to it.

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