Bavures and Shibboleths – language in Morocco

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I am rather preoccupied with the question of language. Both the fus7a–darija dimension, and the whole question of foreign languages. (And of course the matter of Tamazight.) To dispense with the first, I have little doubt that the very high levels of illiteracy (a recent op-ed in by Abderrahmane Lahlou L’Economiste quotes … More Bavures and Shibboleths – language in Morocco

Cultural Capital-Formation, by the Book

An interesting review of cultural policy in L’Economiste this week, stressing quite how much of an orphan sector it is, despite its imaginative minister, with only just over 1% of the public budget. This is what counteracts “the motivation, the good ideas, the wish to inculcate a desire for culture.” The review highlights the “enormous … More Cultural Capital-Formation, by the Book