La trahison des clercs

Last week saw an extraordinary press headline: Morocco’s Minister of Education: French is No Longer Valid, English is the Solution. Lahcen Daoudi proposes, in this interview, a number of radical changes to higher education policy. The Ministry, says Dr Daoudi, is to make English proficiency a condition for obtaining a doctorate. “We master neither Arabic nor … More La trahison des clercs

Say it in Tamazight

Here is what I firmly believe to be the British Council’s first business card written in Tamazight and printed in Tiffinagh. Not a work of high literary pretension (indeed it is perfectly possible that it says, like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s letter, Kill the Bearer, though I hope not), but symbolically important. Tamazight is an official language under … More Say it in Tamazight

Bridge of sukuns

There’s a nice piece on bridges in last Thursday’s L’Economiste, reporting a conference at the Ecole hassania des travaux publiques. Mustapha Qadery of UM5A spoke about his research on bridges, and particularly into why so many bridges in Morocco are reputed to have been built by the Portuguese, even when they are in parts of … More Bridge of sukuns

Hell hath no fury …

Last week the Secretary-General of the Istiqlal, M Hamid Chabat, said in a moment of anger that Morocco should abandon French and establish English as its second language. That prompted the cartoon (above, ‘Le Pinocchio de la Semaine’ in TelQuel) which pokes fun at his perhaps less than entirely policy-driven suggestion and adds the naughty … More Hell hath no fury …