Interfaith Rain

It has been raining in Morocco, as most of us have noticed. Our cleaning lady said with tears in her eyes to my wife last week, “Now we shall be able to eat.” The drought appears to be over. But what made it happen? I was impressed by the way the rain followed on the … More Interfaith Rain


I’ve happened on a nice blog in the last few days, called Arabic Literature (in English), which is well worth a look. My eye was caught by a splendid, very short, piece about a man – Elliott Colla – who started life as  an American Republican Christian Zionist, learned Arabic for his work and found … More Deprovincialisation

Prospero’s Cell

“It’s rather like being shown round the Pitt Rivers Museum by General Pitt Rivers,” said my daughter, as we left the Belghazi Museum at Bouknabel, on the Old Kenitra Road from Rabat. We had just had an extraordinary hour-and-a-half being shown round the Belghazi collection by M Mohammed Abdelillah Belghazi, its patron and presiding genius, … More Prospero’s Cell