Thanks for the Memory

Literacy is – and should be – a constant preoccupation in Morocco. But there is underlying this preoccupation, the constant question of what people are to do with their literacy once they have it. It isn’t, after all, an end in itself. That dismissive expression ‘signature-literacy’ describes the ability to write one’s name but little … More Thanks for the Memory

A vote with the tongue for a less class-bound society

A year or so back there was a short news story in the Moroccan press about Indian labourers being hired to work in the Tangier Free Zone – because they spoke English. This small vignette echoes research commissioned by the British Council from Euromonitor, which found a wage premium of 16% or so for English-speakers … More A vote with the tongue for a less class-bound society

Cultural Capital-Formation, by the Book

An interesting review of cultural policy in L’Economiste this week, stressing quite how much of an orphan sector it is, despite its imaginative minister, with only just over 1% of the public budget. This is what counteracts “the motivation, the good ideas, the wish to inculcate a desire for culture.” The review highlights the “enormous … More Cultural Capital-Formation, by the Book

Kiss kiss

A good editorial in TelQuel this week, an issue otherwise devoted to analysis of Benky 2 (laborant montes … ). Fahd Iraqi writes in his editorial about the now famous Baiser de Nador, the Nador Kiss, which has outraged and titillated Morocco this last fortnight. To recap, two teenagers kissed at the school gates in … More Kiss kiss